Pamper yourself with our special pedicures! All of our pedicures include relaxing in our massaging pedi spas with invigorating “pipe free” jets. The Pipe Free Technology, along with proper sanitation procedures is essential for your protection!

Just the Basics* $32
Includes soak, clip and/or file, cuticle care, lotion and polish.


Express Spa Pedicure* $42
Includes all of the above plus callous care and massage.


Spa Pedicure* $55
Includes all of the above plus an exfoliating scrub, mask,  longer massage and FREE gift.

* French polish is $5.00 extra.


Detox Pedi $55

** Gel polish on toes is $10.00 extra.**

Nail Services

Salon Couture offers the full range of nail services; come in for a few nail enhancements or get an entire Spa Mani/Pedi Combo. And while you’re here, you should try adding paraffin to your nail experience.

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Full Set $45
Acrylic Fill-In $32 & Up
Nail Art by Consultation  



Manicure with Color $25
Manicure with French $30
Gel Manicure - Long wearing polish $35

Our manicures include shaping (filing and buffing), cuticle care, a basecoat or nail strengthener and massage*.

*massage excluded with gel manicures.